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The moment bystanders battled plane crash inferno in desperate attempt to rescue family trapped inside
By Mail Foreign Service

Rescue attempt: Bystanders try to lift the burning wreckage of a Cessna 206 plane as they search for survivors shortly after it crashed in a busy business district near downtown Anchorage on Tuesday

This is the moment that horrified Good Samaritans risked their lives in a desperate attempt to rescue a family trapped on board a burning plane.

The small Cessna 206 crashed in a busy business district near downtown Anchorage, Alaska, during rush hour on Tuesday evening.

A four-year-old boy was killed - but miraculously, four others were pulled from the plane alive.

Heroes: Police said the lives of four people on board - including a two-year-old child - were saved by the Good Samaritans

Brave bystanders raced to help those onboard after the plane clipped the roof of a motel and crashed in front of an unoccupied former car lot office.

'It was the citizens who did the work and pulled people out,' police Lt. Dave Parker said.

A witness, Hunter Brosh, said a girl was among those pulled out alive. Brosh was one of the motorists who jumped out of their cars to help get people out of the burning plane.

Anchorage police said in a statement late Tuesday that 16-year-old Rachel Zientak of Texas was one of the injured passengers and was to be transferred to a Seattle hospital.

Miraculously, no one else was hurt as the plane blazed in busy downtown Anchorate

Also onboard were the pilot of the aircraft, 34-year-old Preston Cavner; his wife, 32-year-old Stacie Cavner; and their son, two-year-old Hudson, police said. The three will be flown to a hospital in Portland, Oregon.

Authorities identified the four-year-old boy who died as another son of the couple, Miles Cavner.

The single-engine plane was registered to Cavner and Julian Inc., a guide and outfitting business based in Port Alsworth, Alaska.

Police said the Cavners operate a lodge at Port Alsworth, Alaska, and Zientak was one of their employees.

Jennifer Rodi, a National Transportation Safety Board investigator, said it was too early to say what caused the crash.

The aircraft went down after departing Merrill Field about a mile (less than two kilometers) away.

Rodi said the four survivors were critically injured. However, Brosh said the girl onboard was able to unbuckle herself before she was helped out of the wreckage

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Iron Man spoof featuring baby girl becomes YouTube sensation
By Anny Shaw

In the real world: The film, which has become an internet sensation, starts with baby Margaret as an ordinary Tony Stark

A video of a baby girl dressed as Iron Man has become an internet sensation after the child's filmmaker father posted the clip on YouTube.

Iron Baby, which features Margaret transforming from toddler to iron-clad superhero, has attracted 2.6 million hits so far.

The parody short film was directed by Margaret's father Patrick Boivin, who is a self-taught filmmaker and former comic book creator from Montreal.

Superhero: The baby begins to transform into Iron Man

3-D artist Jocelyn Strob Simard did the special effects for the film, including making the Iron Man costume, according to the Toronto Star.

The film's success has apparently been felt beyond the internet, with Mr Boivin saying he has had offers from Hollywood film producers.

The clip starts with Margaret as a bib-wearing Tony Stark, who is transformed by her mini-armoured costume into Iron Man.

Finishing touches: Margaret holds still as her transformation into iron-clad superhero is completed

Jetting off: Iron Baby takes to the skies in pursuit of comic book villains

The tiny superhero flies off to fight gun-toting toy bunnies, who she destroys with laser beams fired from the palm of her hand.

Costing virtually nothing, the short film took two months to make.

Despite its obviously jovial tone, Mr Boivin and Mr Simard produced the video as a way of promoting themselves.

Touch down: The pint-sized superhero lands to fight toy bunnies wielding guns

The enemy: In the short film Iron Baby comes across gun-toting toy bunnies

Action hero: The miniature superhero destroys the bunnies with laser beams fired from the palm of her hand

'It’s a way of showing what we can do together to companies who are interested in working with us,' Mr Boivin told the Toronto Star. 'It has been a success for me.'

It seems Margaret also enjoyed her starring role, with Mr Boivin hinting he may well produce more films with his baby daughter.

'I’m pretty sure I’m going to do some more clips with my girl', Mr Boivin said.

Starring role: Margaret seemed to enjoy her part in the film and father Patrick Boivin has not ruled out making more mini movies with his daughter [endtext]

iPad magic: Japanese magician uses Apple's new gadget in incredible routine on Tokyo street
By Daily Mail Reporter

Is there an app for that? Shinya the magician integrates the iPad into his street magic routine

It takes the meaning of technical wizardry to an entirely new level.

And while Apple might like to boast that its new iPad is magic, it has taken a Japanese street magician to really show what it can do.

‘Shinya’ has posted a video on YouTube which shows him using a combination of a pre-programmed iPad and a series of cleverly timed props.

With admirable sleight of hand, Shinya manages to produce smoke, a dove and a whole host of optical illusions while unconcerned pedestrians on a Tokyo street wander past in the background.

Billing it as 'a history of communication' he even manages to weave in some good old-fashioned fork-bending

His impromptu show has had more than half a million views on YouTube and has been posted on numerous gadget and technology websites.

But sceptics - and those familiar with viral marketing campaigns - will note that the video ends with a long lingering shot of the Apple shop behind Shinya when he has finished his show.[endtext]

Taylor Swift turns on the waterworks: Country superstar brings her act to a dramatic climax with an on-stage downpour
Soaked: Taylor Swift sings in the rain during her Fearless Tour Concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada

Taylor Swift has quickly become one of the country music scene's biggest stars and she has a extravagant stage show to match, as she proved when she performed in Toronto last night.
Not content with an array of different outfits, the 20-year-old incorporated a Singing In The Rain inspired routine into the show at the Air Canada Centre, which was part of her Fearless Tour.
Taylor performed her final song as a cascade of water poured from above, drenching her while she sang the final encore - Should've Said No.


Encore: The singing superstar performed Should've Said No as water cascaded from above her

During the course of the show, she made a total of SIX costumes changes.

Initially dressed as a majorette, Swift emerged from beneath her bright, colourful set - featuring a T-shaped catwalk at the front - with her dancers dressed as cheerleaders, and her band in school band regalia.

But she soon exchanged the dorky look for a sexier vamped out style in black leather boots

Changes: Taylor went through six costume changes during her sell out performance

Swift ripped off the bandleader coat to reveal a sparkly silver mini-dress underneath.

She told her excited audience: 'I think it's entirely possible that I've fallen in love with you after two songs. And I think that it's that kind of deep, pure love, that lasts forever. I love you like I love burning my ex-boyfriend's pictures.'

The singer has been on the road almost relentlessly since last year in support of her multi-platinum, Grammy-winning second album, 2008's Fearless.

Lady in red: The singer performs in one of her many outfits

Sparkling: As well as her country maiden outfit, the star also performed with a bling guitar during the concert

After a costume change into a red sequined mini-dress, then launched into Forever And Always, a song written about Jonas as a last-minute add-on to Fearless.

Later in the show Swift appeared in the audience stands to sing, Hey Stephen, in a new blue dress and brown cowboy boots and, according to reports, the crowd was besides themselves as she shook hands with and hugged as many of them as possible en route back to the stage.

She also wore an old country maid style dress during the Fearless mega-hit Love Story, and used two different guitars, one of which was covered in glittering gems.

The singer performed a variety of her songs at the sell out concert, with a set list consisting of 18 tracks in total.

This included Love Story, White Horse, You Belong With Me and, of course, the title track from the album Fearless.

According to reports Taylor helped Demi Lovato, after the Disney Channel star was recently dumped by her boyfriend Joe Jonas.

The country star apparently felt she had some experience, once being the victim of Joe Jonas break-up herself.

'Taylor sent Demi a quick text message, saying that everything happens for a reason, and it will only make her stronger,' a close friend of Swift's is alleged to have said to Angry Ape.

'She told Demi if she ever needed anything, to just ask.'

The Camp Rock co-stars dated for around two months before Jonas called split with Lovato over the phone.

This could be considered to be a step up from the text message he used to break up with ex-girlfriend Swift two years earlier.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Britain's Got Talent: Chandi the dancing dog and teen boy band Connected progress to final
By Emily Sheridan

Woman's best friend: Tina Humphreys and her dog Chandi entertained the audience with their dance duet

Tina and Chandi and teen boy band Connected were unveiled as the next two stars progressing to the final of Britain's Got Talent after last night's second live semi-final.

The dancing dog and his owner went straight through after receiving the biggest amount of public votes, leaving the judges Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden to chose between singing doorman Neil Fullard and Connected for the second place in the final.

All the judges enjoyed both acts' performance and were faced with a difficult decision. Morgan chose to save Connected, while Holden plumped for Fullard.

Cowell was obviously torn between the two acts, but opted to save Connected and offered a genuine apology to Fullard that he couldn't save him because he wanted to see both acts in the final.

Earlier in the show, Tina Humphrey and her 12-year-old dog had wowed the audience with their dance.

It was the first time dog lover Cowell had seen the pair, after he was ill during their original audition.

The new Take That? Teenage boy band Connected were praised for their more independent performance which hadn't been styled by their mothers

Morgan said: 'Great footwork, amazing balance. Chandi is the canine version of Wayne Rooney. After that, Chandi has a very big chance of winning the competition.'

Cowell was smitten: 'I love her. She's adorable. It shows you how important it is to love a dog and the dog will love you back.'

After being told by Cowell that their previous audition was too dated and they needed to step away from their mothers' guidance, Connected put on a much more current performance.

The five-piece, who range in age from 13 to 15, sang No Boundaries, the single released by last year's American Idol winner Kris Allen

That's Life... indeed: Singing doorman Neil Fullard missed out on the final, despite being told he was good enough to be in it

Morgan said: 'I thought you could have been dark horses tonight, you reminded me of a very young Take That, Boyzone, Westlife.

'Tonight it wasn’t perfect but when you came together there were moments when I thought it was knockout.'

Cowell agreed: 'I think that everything I said in your audition was right. It did feel like a bunch of guys put together by their mums.

'Tonight what I was worried about was that you would come out in suits singing a Boyzone song. This is chalk and cheese compared to what I saw before. I think you’ve got a real shot now.'

Too sweet: Dance troupe Taboo performed a sweet-themed dance to a medley

Among the acts that lost out tonight was Taboo, a 32-strong streetdance troupe from Gravesend, Kent.

Dressed as candy-stripers, the group kicked off the second semi-final to a mash-up of sweet-related songs against a busy background of sweets.

Holden said: 'It was really animated, really colourful. I thought you did really well.'

The second dance group performing was the Ruby Girls from London, who were branded 'very cabaret' and 'not cool' by Cowell.

Bottoms up: Sexy dance troupe Ruby Girls were told they were 'too cabaret' by Simon Cowell

Their sexy dance in black lacy leotards and high heeled boots impressed Morgan, who admitted their outfits distracted him from the dancing.

Holden enthused: 'I think I’ve always said that there is room for a Hot Gossip type girl group. You are so sexy and sassy but in a way that isn’t threatening to other women.'

However, Cowell disagreed: 'I think you got all this wrong tonight. I didn’t like the outfits. Girls are going to hate you. It was very cabaret, wasn’t cool and I was really disappointed.'

Jackson tribute: Michael Fayombo Jnr (left) outshone his father Michael Snr in their Michael Jackson impersonation act

Another dance act missing out on the final was father-and-son Michael Jackson impersonators Michael Snr, 38, and Michael Jnr Fayombo, 14

Both Morgan and Holden admitted they thought the dance - to a medley of Jackson classics - was let down by Michael Snr, who was outshone by his talented son.

Holden said: 'Michael Sr I was honestly worried that you weren’t getting off your knees. You were tired then. Your son stole the show.'

The second impersonation act of the night was Lady Gaga drag act Maxxie Oliver

Lost for words: Lady Gaga impersonator Maxxie Oliver left Cowell speechless

Making an entrance: Oliver was lowered to the stage on a giant telephone

He made a magnificent entrance on a giant yellow telephone, but his singing voice and piano skills couldn't come close to the talented Lady Gaga.

Cowell was left speechless and didn't give a proper critique of the performance, saying: 'I don't know what to say any more.'

Also missing out on the final was piano-playing comic Kev Orkian, who pretends to be Armenian in his act, despite coming from north London.

Buzzed off: Piano-playing comedian Kev Orkian reiceved negative feedback from all three judges

Both Cowell and Morgan buzzed him, while Holden admitted she was 'disapointed' by his act.

Cowell was particulary harsh: 'One trick pony act. The act was so corny and painful to watch and listen to. In the real world nobody would listen to that.'

Tina and Chandi and Connected now join gymnastics troupe Spelbound and streetdancer Tobias Mead in the final later this month.

Baby on board: Alicia Keys performed during the results show in a tight David Koma dress, which showed off her tiny baby bump

Also on Tuesday's show was pregnant singer Alicia Keys, whose small baby bump was clearly visible through her figure-hugging black David Koma dress.

Meanwhile, Holden opted for another striking Ralph & Russo dress, this time a shimmerying bronze creation, for her grand entrance at the start of the show.

• The third live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent will be screened on ITV1 at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3 June.

All that glitters: Amanda Holden wore a striking gold Ralph & Russo dress


Seulong and IU release collaborative single Nagging
We previously reported that another version of We Fell In Love would be released early in June.

Nothing much was known about it, and many believed that CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun would be next to sing the song.

It turns out that it’s not those the YongSeo couple at all, but rather, two singers that are completely irrelevant. There were rumors going around saying that the next to sing the song will be 2AM’s Seulong and IU.

Surprise, surprises… The rumors were indeed true as the single, titled Nagging, was released with Seulong and IU featured on the track.

[Thanks to BEGISLOVE for the tip].

Monday, May 31, 2010

SISTAR’s Push Push MV Teaser released

After making their debut through Ceci magazine and finally releasing their official jacket photos this month, the girls of SISTAR have finally released the MV teaser for their debut track Push Push.

The MV teaser reveals the girls looking rather spunky and sexy, sporting fresh styles and rockin’ hairdos. Check out the girls below as they line up and get their mugshots taken before you. The song sounds catchy enough, but I guess you couldn’t expect anything less as the track was produced by Brave Brothers.


Don't look before you leap! Dare-devil Frenchman jumps off Eiffel Tower in skates
By Daily Mail Reporter

French roller-skater Taig Kris set a new world record for the longest jump with roller-skates on when he dropped off the Eiffel Tower

Huge crowds gathered under the Eiffel Tower in Paris yesterday to watch a world champion extreme sportsman attempt to jump off the famous landmark with inline skates on.

Thousands of nervous bystanders lined the avenues around the famous monument to watch Frenchman Taig Khris perform the dangerous feat.

And he's off: Taig Khris jumps the 30 meter halfpipe from the first floor of the Eiffel Tower

The 34-year-old was attempting a new Guinness world record for the longest freefall from a structure onto a landing ramp.

He made his death-defying leap from the 131ft high first floor of the tower onto a giant sized quarter pipe ramp built below.

He fluffed his first attempt after losing his footing and sliding down at speed into a giant air bag. However undaunted he was went back for a second try.

Going, gone: Taig Khris dropped a record 39ft from a 131ft platform attached to the Eiffel Tower

This time he landed cleanly and raised his arms in celebration and the crowd yelped and cheered. He dropped a record 39ft, beating the 28ft fall set by American Danny Way.

'I've never had such a strong adrenaline rush,' Mr Khris said.

He said his jump was 'to give people the desire to reach beyond their limits, to follow their passions, their dreams.'

British racing driver escapes with broken leg after car disintegrates in 200mph horror smash
By Daily Mail Reporter

Mike Conway goes airborne before crashing into the fencing after colliding with Ryan Hunter-Reay (37) during Indianapolis 500

This is the moment British driver Mike Conway was launched into the air at 200mph during the Indy 500 motor race.

His car catapulted into the safety fencing and disintegrated in front of hundreds of thousands of horrified spectators.

But amazingly, Conway only sustained broken leg and ligament damage.

Dreyer & Reinbold Racing driver Mike Conway flies through the air after crashing with Andretti Autosport driver Ryan Hunter-Reay

The car was airborne for several seconds during the penultimate lap of the race

Team owner Dennis Reinbold told how the accident happened a split second before he was about to warn Conway that other drivers were sklowing down.

'I was just getting ready to tell Mike, 'Some guys are going to slow down, so give yourself some room'' Reinbold said, his upper lip quivering. 'I never got the words out.'

With cars slowing to save fuel, the 26-year-old Briton entered the narrow short chute between turns three and four, ran into Ryan Hunter-Reay's sputtering car and flew into the catch fence.

The accident on Lap 199 prompted the final caution of the race and shook up the drivers.

'It's not comforting going underneath a car flipping in the air,' Danica Patrick said. 'I got through it, but I hope they're OK. It's never good when people are upside down and doing cartwheels

The car begins to disintegrate as it strikes the catch fencing going backwards at 200mph

This amazing image captures the split second when Conway's car slams into the fence

Horrified spectators look on as the racing car splinters apart. But, crucially, the cockpit remains intact saving Conway from serious injury

The remains of the car skids along the race track with the driver strapped inside. Because the vehicle was very low on fuel, there was no fire

Reinbold didn't even realize at first that it was Conway and teammate Ana Beatriz involved in the crash.

The small-budget team owner with four cars in Sunday's lineup had his eyes on IndyCar's biggest prize - winning the Indianapolis 500 - and decided to send Conway after it.

'We caught the pack. When you catch the pack and you're going that fast, it's a gamble,' Reinbold said. 'But it's the Indianapolis 500 and sometimes you have to take a gamble.'

Survived: Mike Conway suffered compound fracture to his left leg

The risk didn't pay off, shaking Reinbold and his team as the car was unloaded in two long pieces and the destroyed chassis was thrown into a pile of rubble.

Doctors rushed to his aid as wreckage was strewn across the track and Conway, 26, was airlifted to hospital.

His injuries were last night described as 'gruesome' and the man from Bromley in Kent faces a long fight back.

Doctors believe Conway suffered a compound fracture of his left leg, as well as tearing ligaments and tendons in his knees and ankles.

The miracle is that his injuries were not more serious given the severity of the accident that drew gasps not just from the crowd, but from the drivers coming to the end of one of the fastest and most gruelling events in the motor racing calendar.

Reinbold acknowledged series officials didn't have enough time to react to the slowing field and the hard-charging Conway.

Brian Barnhart, IndyCar president of competition and racing operations, said there was probably nothing he would have done anyway.

'It looked like the closing rate was pretty significant between the 37 and 24 and when you're in the middle of a corner like that,' Barnhart said.

'It's one of the risks that happens when you come down to the end of a race.'

Hunter-Reay, however, thought it could have been prevented another way.

'In hindsight we should have stopped for fuel,' he said. 'It's dangerous. ...

There's no runoff lane. There's no bailout procedure. You've got to slow down or you're going to hit the car in front of you.'


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cheryl Cole 'spends three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she shared with Ashley'
By Daily Mail Reporter

Close: Cheryl Cole was spotted arriving at her home with Derek Hough on Thursday and Friday nights last week

Cheryl Cole has spent three nights with dancer Derek Hough at the home she once shared with ex Ashley, it was claimed today.

The singer was spotted arriving at her home with the handsome dancer, 25, on Thursday and Friday nights last week, just days after she filed for divorce from Cole.

The pair have become increasingly close after they performed a raunchy dance routine for the video clip for her single Parachute.

Friends: The pair seemed deep in conversation as they sat in the back of a taxi

Derek flew to be by Cheryl's side just hours after he and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger were crowned U.S. Dancing with the Stars champions last week.

A source told The News of the World: 'Cheryl was desperate to see Derek. She's been speaking to him almost every day and he's helped her get through this awful time.'

'She really wanted Derek to come to London to be with her earlier but he couldn't leave the States because he was partnering Nicole Scherzinger on Dancing with the Stars.

'But that ended just as Cheryl decided to go through with the divorce. She begged Derek to come and he instantly agreed.'

Up close and personal: Derek joined Cheryl on stage at the O2 Arena this week as she performed her single Parachute

Chemistry: Derek joined Cheryl on stage after watching her performance from the wings

Their chemistry was evident as Derek joined her on stage at the O2 arena after watching from the wings on Thursday night.

The pair performed their dance routine for Parachute and Cheryl then invited her friend back to her luxurious Surrey mansion, where he reportedly spent three nights.

'It was a very big decision on her part. But she loves spending time with Derek,' a source told the News of the World.

Friendship: Derek, pictured with Cheryl in LA in February, has been a source of comfort to the star during her split from Ashley Cole

A friend said Ashley, who is currently in Austria preparing for the World Cup, would view Cheryl's behaviour as a 'devastating blow.'

But they said Derek was likely to become more significant in the Girls Aloud star's life.

'Derek's the complete opposite to Ashley. He's very caring and supportive to Cheryl.

She's made it very clear she can't rush into another serious relationship, but he's very keen on her and is prepared to follow her around the world.'

She's opened up to him about Ashley so he knows how vulnerable she is at the moment, which makes him want to be there for her even more.

Cheryl has also been linked with Black Eyed Peas star Will-i-am, who is said to have fallen for the 26-year-old.

Split: Cheryl announced she was filing for divorce this week, four years after marrying Ashley

Kelly Brook promotes new toning trainers (oh, so THAT'S why she's in her knickers!)
By Sarah Bull

Mind the oven! Kelly Brook promotes Reebok's EasyTone trainers by posing in a black and white pair of knickers

She has never been shy about showing off her figure.

So when the opportunity arose for Kelly Brook to promote Reebok's new EasyTone trainers, she had no problem stripping to her underwear in a rather gratuitous way of showing off the toning footwear.

Whether it's cooking in a pair of black and white striped knickers and cropped T-shirt, or doing the hoovering in a yellow vest top and lime green pair, Kelly shows whatever you are doing, you can wear EasyTones while doing it.

She said: 'EasyTones are brilliant, it's like having a little gym built into your trainers. I wear them all the time especially if I don't have time to get to the gym and then at least I know I'm doing something for my body.

'They make your legs feel toned and bum feel pert, they are like magic shoes! I've been wearing them to tone up for the summer and have really seen a difference, which is why I didn't mind getting my hotpants on for the video.

'I had so much fun re-creating the advert - hula-hooping, trampolining, dancing around in my EasyTones. My dog Rocky even got a guest appearance in the last shot!'

Clean freak: Kelly makes sure her 'flat' is spotless as she does the hoovering in a skimpy underwear set

Glowing: The model looks stunning in the Reebok advert - showing off her famous figure and sparkling smile

Kelly, 30, isn't the only celebrity fan of the revolutionary new trainers - Helena Christensen, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Port, Miranda Kerr and Bar Refaeli have all spoken about how impressed they are by the fitness shoes.

Kelly, who is currently in Los Angeles with boyfriend Danny Cipriani, has always spoken freely about her weight, and says it's sometimes a struggle to maintain her slimline shape.

She said recently: 'I enjoy healthy food and it makes me feel good. But it’s definitely not a crazy diet, I’m not going to deny myself desserts.

Fashion icon: Kelly has been wearing flirty outfits during her time in Los Angeles with Danny Cipriani

'I always try to have three meals a day and don’t snack on bad stuff. I like to make soups, which are healthy, filling and don’t make you feel bloated. I also love making healthy fish or vegetarian dishes.'

Kelly is also the face and body of lingerie brand Ultimo, and has been showing off her amazing figure in a series of flirty outfits while in LA.

After wearing a tight heart-print dress earlier this week, Kelly stepped out in a flowery playsuit to make the most of the LA sun.