Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bieber the diva? Pop star Justin 'flew into temper and swore at TV crew'
By Mail Online Showbiz Reporter

Turning into a diva? Justin Bieber, pictured performing on Australia's Sunrise show, is accused of swearing at a TV production man and storming out of an interview after being asked about his tattoo

Teen popstar Justin Bieber has been accused of getting too big for his rather small boots after he allegedly flew into a swear-word tirade on a TV chat show.

The 16-year-old was appearing on morning chat show Sunrise when he allegedly told a member of the production team ‘don’t ever f****** touch me again’ when he was told where to perform.

The heart-throb, who currently has a squeaky clean image, has strenuously denied the allegation, saying he would kill the rumours 'with kindness'.

Bieber allegedly told a member of the production team ‘don’t ever f****** touch me again’ when he was told where to perform

But David Koch, co-host of the Australian show, claimed he was less than impressed by the young idol and said he needed 'a slap'.

'We had him on and he was a thoroughly nice bloke… really decent guy,’ he told Mix FM.
‘Our floor manager was directing him to where he was about to perform and he turned around to (the floor manager) Nick and said: "Don’t ever f****** touch me again".’

‘And then [Bieber's] sound guy... said 'don't take offence mate he tells us that all the time'.

The presenter was so disgusted that he declared that someone should give Bieber a ‘bit of a slap’.

According to Australian newpaper, The Daily Telegraph, seven other employees supported his statement.

Bieber, who has a huge teenage fanbase, has strenuously denied the allegation, saying he would kill the rumours 'with kindness'

But the Canadian pop sensation wrote on Twitter that the account was not true, saying: 'Family time with my mom couldn't come at a better time... I was raised to respect others and not gossip...nor answer gossip with anger.

‘I know my friends family and fans know the person I am. Hearing adults spread lies and rumours is part of the job I guess.

'But all I have to say is... kill em with kindness.'

David Koch, co-host of the Australian show, said Bieber needed 'a slap'

Bieber's appearance on the Sunrise show saw police having to control up to 4,000 female fans outside the studios after they stormed past safety barriers.

Biever was also accused of being 'a diva' at Radio One's Big Weekend in Wales.

He reportedly refused to answer any questions about his new tattoo in an interview with Radio One DJ, Fearne Cotton. He is also thought to have driven around in a backstage buggy against event rules.

The popstar was reportedly booed by crowds at the event before his performance of hit single Baby.

Last month, he told stateside's People magazine to 'get on the same page' as him after they used a picture of him laughing on the front cover for a story about his humble beginnings.

Justin reportedly tweeted 'Dear @peoplemag Covershoot…next time I laugh real crazy warn me u r still taking pics…still appreciate u but let’s get on the same page.'

He later took it down, replacing it with: 'Exclusive story and pics in the new issue of peoplemag. I look crazy as heck on the cover but if u can’t laugh at yourself u ain’t havin fun.'

Whatever the truth, he will always have one very firm fan.

Miley Cyrus, 17, joked that the pint-sized singer is her boyfriend. She said she was dating both Bieber and Australian Neighbours star Liam Hemsworth.

She said: 'I have my travel-size boyfriend and I have my oversized security boyfriend. It's perfect!'

The Hannah Montana star might want to watch out. Kim Kardashian had death threats when she joked that she was dating the popstar.

Justin Bieber performing on Sunrise - after he allegedly swore at a TV employee


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