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As Coronation Street's Leanne has her wedding blessing to Peter Barlow, will love rival Carla ruin her big day?




Devastation: Carla Connor (Alison King) is comforted by Maria (Samia Smith) as Leanne's wedding blessing goes ahead

It wouldn't be a soap wedding if there wasn't at least one guest left in tears on the big day.

And true to form, one character in Coronation Street becomes very upset as Peter and Leanne Barlow have their marriage blessed.

New pictures from the filming of the dramatic scenes show Carla - played by Alison King - being comforted by Maria (Samia Smith) during the couple's big day.

Here comes the bride: Actress Jane Danson offered a glimpse of Leanne's wedding outfit between scenes - but it's set to be a dramatic day for her character

And fans are in for another treat with a glimpse of the bride, as Leanne (played by Jane Danson) was spotted on set with a white bathrobe on over what looked like a wedding gown.

Given recent storylines, it would come as no surprise to see Carla having such an emotional response to the events unfolding in Weatherfield.

The character has recently developed feelings for Peter Barlow after he helped her in her fight against alcoholism.

He previously rebuffed her advances, but she confessed to Leanne how she felt about her fiancee, after she has married him at his bedside following the recent devastating tram crash.

However Carla was secretly delighted when, prior to marrying Peter, Leanne confided in her that she was having an affair with her ex-husband Nick Tilsley.

Whether or not Carla has told Peter is unclear but it soon transpires that he knows all about his wife's fling - and that it is his motive for organising the wedding blessing.

The wedding guests: Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre), Kate Ford (Tracy) and Shobna Gulati (Sunita) are all set to share in Leanne's big day

Wrapping up: Samia Smith donned a warm coat and boots between scenes while Allison King kept the cold at bay with a blanket

Peter - who was seen in scenes last week hobbling along on crutches, having sustained serious injuries in the tram crash - has planned the blessing solely to humiliate Leanne after finding out about her infidelity.

Reports suggest that after he has exposed her affair to the guests, he will seek out Nick Tilsley - played by Ben Price - and subject him to a vicious attack with an iron bar, claiming he has 'nothing to lose'.

Viewers will be left in suspense as to whether Nick survives the assault after being left for dead.

Keeping warm: William Roache - aka Ken Barlow, and Anne Kirkbride (Deirdre Barlow) sipped hot drinks as they relaxed between takes

Peter and Leanne married shortly after Peter was injured in the now infamous Coronation Street tram crash.

Desperate to wed her beloved whether or not he survived, Leanne called a vicar into the hospital to conduct the ceremony while Peter lay dying in his hospital bed.

The wedding scenes, which featured in the live Coronation Street episode to celebrate the soap's 50th anniversary, garnered critical acclaim for the actors involved - specifically Danson.

The big day: But Peter Barlow (centre, played by Chris Gascoyne, centre) has organised the blessing only to expose Leanne's affair with Nick Tilsley

The cast singled her out for acclaim after they conducted a poll amongst themselves after filming the episode to find out who they thought the best live actor was.

A source revealed: 'Everyone put their nomination in a box and they could not vote for themselves. Jane won hands down.

'She's a smashing girl and a really strong actress. But they all performed well. Nobody let the side down at all.'

The wedding blessing scenes are scheduled to feature on the soap next month to coincide with Valentine's Day.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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