Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl group Passpo to make major label debut + embark on world tour


Ten member girl group Passpo announced that they would be making their major debut and going on a worldwide tour!

The group cheerfully introduced themselves in front of 1,000 fans on January 30th with a cute “Attention please! We’re Passpo!”, then showed off their major debut song “Shoujo Hikou,” presenting its “air travel” theme and flight attendant-inspired costumes. It was also revealed at the event that member Wakatsuki Chinatsu was responsible for the costume design and “rolling bag” dance for their debut single.

The group will be releasing their major label debut single, “Shoujo Hikou,” on April 6th after releasing four indie singles and an album. The average age of all the members is 17.4 years old, and finds much of their inspiration in popular Korean girl group Shoujo Jidai, their labelmate under Universal Music Japan. When asked about SNSD, Passpo replied excitedly, “We’d love to stand on the same stage as them someday.”

The girls seemed to have high expectations of their major label debut. “Even though we’re making our major debut, we want to give it our all just like the (indies) Passpo,” said the leader, Negishi Ai. She then added, “We want to stand at the top. We have our eye on Oricon’s number one spot!”

Passpo also announced at the event that they would be going on a worldwide tour by the end of the year, featuring stops in America and across Asia.

Check out Passpo’s performance at the Tokyo Idol Festival 2010 below. Do you think the girls have what it takes to make a successful major label debut?

Passpo – Let It Go!! + La La Love Train (Tokyo Idol Festival 2010)

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