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Lily Allen tells Piers Morgan: 'No interviews... unless you give £1million to charity' as she reveals heartache over miscarriage



For a good cause: Lily Allen told Piers Morgan she would not appear on his chat show to talk about her grief over baby loss unless he agreed to give £1million to charity

Lily Allen has spoken of her grief and heartbreak for the first time since miscarrying her unborn baby six months into her pregnancy last year.

The star, who also lost a baby in 2009 at three months with her then boyfriend Ed Simons from the Chemical Brothers, revealed her on-going trauma on her official Twitter page.

She was talking to Piers Morgan, who was trying to persuade her to be a guest on his ITV1 heart-to-heart chat show Life Stories - but Lily said she would only agree if he donated her fee to charity.

The Fear singer asked the talk show host how much he would pay to have her on his show to which Piers responded by saying: ‘Do you mean how much do you have to pay me for this career-enhancing interview?’

He also added: ‘ps I also know that part of you thinks you can take me down on national TV. Good luck with that one little lady…’

Lily clarified that she could only justify coming on his show by giving money to a charity that ‘helps women to overcome the kind of grief that I have had to experience’.

Negotiator: Piers Morgan offered to arrange a five figure donation to Lily's charity by ITV in exchange for the interview. Piers new CNN show was shown last night

She also added that she didn’t need his talk show to enhance her career.

At the mention of her miscarriage Piers was quick to agree with her cause and said: ‘No woman should ever have to go through what you went through. Sadly, I know a few who have, and its heart-breaking.

He also told the singer it would be a ‘very honorable reason’ to appear on his show.

The Life Stories host then suggested he could offer her a fee of a million Chilean pesos (£1,289) before name dropping that he was interview George Clooney about his work in the Sudan, and he said the actor was doing the interview to raise awareness, not money.

But the petite singer, who got engaged to boyfriend Sam Cooper on Christmas day, stood her ground and said he would have to offer a £1million to SANDS, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, for her to appear on his show.

Social Network: Lily used Twitter to tell Piers Morgan she wasn't interested in appearing on his show

Lily posted: ‘Those are my terms. I’ve got no interest in coming on your show, you’ve been asking me for years.’

Piers replied: ‘If you've got no interest in coming on my show, why have we been negotiating for the last hour? Or are you just a tease?’

It seemed that was the final straw for the singer who simply posted the word ‘no’ in refusal and did not respond to any further comments made by Piers despite his offer a negotiating a five figure donation from ITV to her charity.

When Lily failed to respond Piers posted: ‘@lilyroseallen You’ll change your mind. They always do. Right, must dash- Clooney awaits.’

The Twitter conversation coincided with the lead up to Piers' first CNN show, which will air in America on Monday night.

Engaged: Sam Cooper proposed to Lily on Christmas Day who has since tweeted a picture of her ring which has led to speculation the pair are already married

The first guest on Piers Morgan Tonight, which succeeds Larry King's popular show, will be Oprah Winfrey.

Piers' ITV Life Stories show has seen Cheryl Cole open up about her marriage breakdown and Elton John Dannii Minogue and Katie Price have also been featured on the show.

Elton John, who announced he and boyfriend David Furnish had a son by surrogate who arrived on Christmas Day did not reveal his baby joy to the broadcaster during the interview.

Lily who got engaged to boyfriend Sam Cooper on Christmas Day tweeted a picture of her manicure, which revealed her ring which led to speculation that she was already married as she appeared to be wearing a wedding band as well as an engagement ring.

source: dailymail [endtext]

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