Saturday, January 8, 2011

She's been busy! Cher Lloyd steps out with TWO new tattoos... song lyrics on her arm and a diamond on her hand



New tattoos: Cher Lloyd debuted two new tattoos as she departed from a London airport this afternoon

She said recently she was planning to have a new tattoo to mark her success on The X Factor.

But Cher Lloyd instead decided to go for two new inkings - song lyrics on her arm and an image of a large diamond on her hand.

The 17-year-old unveiled the new etchings as she jetted out of a London airport this afternoon on holidays.

You've been inked: Cher now has a diamond on her right hand and song lyrics on her left arm

She teased fans yesterday about the tattoos, tweeting: 'Just got new ink (:'
And while the diamond is perhaps representative of the riches Cher will undoubtedly achieve thanks to her appearance on the ITV show, the song lyrics are from Tracy Chapman's All That You Have Is Your Soul.

Cher revealed her plans for the new inking just after finishing The X Factor, explaining: 'The first thing I’m going to do is get a new tattoo. I’m going to get a lyric from my mum’s favourite song tattooed on my wrist.

'It’s going to say, "All that you have is your soul".'

Where are you off to, Cher? The diminutive singer looked trendy as she left the airport

But perhaps the idea for the diamond tattoo came from her fans, as Cher revealed last month she would be asking for inspiration on social networking site Twitter.

She said: ' I'm going to ask people what I should get...they can send me ideas on Twitter!'

And, despite already having three tattoos - a bow on her back, musical note on her left hand and Spanish phrase on her right arm - before adding another two to her collection, it's unclear how Simon Cowell will respond to the new inkings, as Cher has been signed to his record label Syco.

Etchings: She already has a musical note on her left hand and a Spanish phrase on her right forearm

But rebellious teenager Cher has never been worried about the music mogul's opinion, insisting previously: 'Even though Simon doesn't approve of tattoos the thing is I'm my own person and think it'd be cool to get another one.'

Cher is also rebelling against Cowell by dating Essex socialite Karim Roundi, who she has been seeing since the final of the show last month.

The tiny singer from Worcestershire was introduced to Roundi backstage by his friend and Cher's fellow contestant Paije Richardson.

New love: Cher is apparently dating Essex socialite Karim Roundi, another development unlikely to please music mogul Simon Cowell

And according to friends of the pair, Cher and Roundi, 20, hit it off instantly, swapped numbers and have been seeing each other ever since.

But the romance is expected not to go down so well with Cowell who is believed to prefer his stars to be single to make them more marketable.

Cher Lloyd @ Tramps Worcester 3/1/11 'Get Your Freak On'

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