Friday, February 18, 2011

Coin Jackson makes a ‘Feedback’ debut on Music Bank


Rookie group Coin Jackson has finally debuted on KBS’s Music Bank!

Last week, the group revealed their debut album, titled “Beginning“, which consists of two singles, “Feedback” and “Rumor“. Although their two songs have yet to fully showcase their concept of being Asia’s first hip hop a cappella group, their performance showed that they still have a lot more to offer to their new fans. Check out their debut performance below!

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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets His Task in First 'Source Code' Clip


In the Duncan Jones-directed thriller, Gyllenhaal plays soldier Captain Colter Steven who learns that he has to prevent a bombing in downtown Chicago.

Ahead of its premiere at SXSW Film Conference and Festival on March 11, "Source Code" has been previewed in a clip. It sees confused Jake Gyllenhaal's Captain Colter Steven who learns that his task is to stop a bomber who wants to explode downtown Chicago.

Steven wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers that he is part of an experimental government program investigating a terrorist incident. With a second, much larger target threatening to kill millions in downtown Chicago, Colter re-lives the incident over and over again, gathering clues each time, until he can solve the mystery of who is behind the bombs and prevent the next attack.

Filled with mind-boggling twists and heart-pounding suspense, "Source Code" is directed by "Moon" helmer Duncan Jones. Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan and Jeffrey Wright are also cast in the action thriller that will head to theaters across the U.S. on April 1.

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New 'Thor' Trailer Has Comedic Element


The newly-released full trailer has more scenes featuring Thor's arrival on Earth and how he adjusts himself to the new world.

Paramount Pictures has dropped a new trailer for "Thor" via Yahoo! Movies. It offers more details on how Thor arrives on Earth and how he adjusts himself to the new world. The latter part could generate some laughters as Thor's unique actions prompt people to question his sanity. On the action scenes, there is a longer preview of the Destroyer and a glimpse of Frost Giants.

Thor is The God of Thunder in Asgard who is cast down to Earth by his father Odin after his reckless actions reignite an ancient war. A beautiful, young scientist, Jane Foster, has a profound effect on Thor, as she ultimately becomes his first love. It's while here on Earth that Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

Chris Hemsworth leads with Natalie Portman playing Jane Foster. Anthony Hopkins portrays Odin and Tom Hiddleston is cast as Thor's nemesis Loki. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this movie adaptation of Marvel comics will be unleashed in U.S. cinemas on May 6.

Thor Trailer 2 (2011) HD

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Britney Spears' Early-Criticized Video for 'Hold It Against Me' Arrives in Full


Receiving early criticisms on the eve of its premiere, the music video directed by Jonas Akerlund has been debuted in full for a better judgment.

Britney Spears' heavily-promoted music video for her new hit single "Hold It Against Me" has finally been unearthed in full. Directed by Jonas Akerlund, it's apparently divided into four major scenes. The first is a dance scene which features product placements, the second is her inside a TV-screen cage with small tubes attached to her fingertips, the third is Britney fighting her alter ego, and the fourth is another dance scene with different costume than the first one.

On the eve of the video premiere, a longer preview around 30 seconds was released, and Britney was immediately hit with criticisms regarding her dance number. Some of her fans blamed it to Brian Friedman since he's the choreographer.

In a defensive note on Twitter, Brian responded, "I DIDNT edit or direct the video so please do not place hostility at me if you aren't happy with what you have seen or see. Britney worked her ass off for this video and she and I hope that you all love it."

"Hold It Against Me" is the first official offering of Britney's new album "Femme Fatale" which is due in the U.S. on March 29. has been secured as one of her collaborators in the forthcoming CD. The other artists who hope to make a duet with the pop princess are Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

Britney and Justin have exchanged supports toward each other on Twitter. In an interview with Extra when attending one of his "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" movie premieres, the Canadian singer said of the Southern Belle, "I think she's very talented. Hopefully, maybe we will be able to work something out."

As for Nicki, the Young Money first lady, who has done a number of collaborations since she was embraced by mainstream Hip-Hop community in 2009, said in a separate interview, "I'm done with collabs. No more collabs for the next two years. Although - Britney's a snatch like me and she's cute. Yes. We might do something."

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

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Video Shoot Pics: Jennifer Hudson's 'Where You At', Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now'


While J-Hud is lonesome in the cold winter, Breezy is surrounded by his homies Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes and Kevin McCall.

Both Jennifer Hudson and Chris Brown have new music videos coming out. The former just filmed visuals for "Where You At", and the latter shot a clip for "Look at Me Now". Sneak peeks for the two upcoming videos have been offered in a form of on-set pictures.

J-Hud is snapped wearing a warm coat when doing the video shoot in Chicago during one of the harshest winter storms to date last month. The indoor filming sees her baring more skin - she drapes her sweater over her shoulders revealing lacy top. Anthony Mandler sits behind the lens. The clip soon is due to premiere on February 24.

While all of the "Where You At" sneak peeks take their focus mainly on Jennifer, the "Look at Me Now" teasers show those making cameos. One of the photos highlights Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, and the other picture shows another best pal of Breezy, Kevin McCall, visiting the video set.

"It's a crazy video right now we shooting," Weezy shared about the Colin Tilley-directed music video with his devotees in a Ustream session. "Chris got a billion people dancing. He got these crazy contacts in. I would've put them in too, but I'm straight."

Jennifer Hudson - Where You At - Feb.16,2011

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

'American Idol' Group Day Eliminates 68 Contestants


The remaining 100, including favorites like Chris Medina, Jacee Badeaux and James Durbin will sing solo before going to Las Vegas round.

Group Day on "American Idol" this season wilts it down 100 as some notable contestants were sent home. Paris Tassin, who became an early favorite with her soulful voice and her touching story about her hearing impaired daughter, was among the eliminated ones.

Taking the same route as Paris was Rob Bolin whose ex lover Chelsee Oaks passed this stage along with Jacqueline Dunford. And then there was Tiffany Rios who shocked the judges during her audition with the star bras. She was sent home together with duet partner Jessica Yantz.

Meanwhile, Jacee Badeaux almost did not make it when he struggled on the song "Mercy". But then his group explained that he was kicked out of the old one at the last minute and that he did not know the song. Jacee and his group, Brett Loewenstern, Denise Jackson, Stevie Cain and Natalie Hanson, all made it through.

On Thursday night, the remaining contestants will be trimmed to 50 and this batch would be sent to Las Vegas

Casey Abrams : Georgia On My Mind : American Idol 10 Hollywood Week

Clint Jun Gamboa : Georgia On My Mind : American Idol 10 Hollywood Week

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'Two and a Half Men' Resumes Filming February 28

However, they would only shoot four more episodes, which is 4 fewer episodes than what was originally promised to the network.

Charlie Sheen has the chance to return to work later this month - bosses of his hit comedy "Two and a Half Men" are preparing to resume filming, according to a U.S. report. Work on the show was suspended while the actor had rehab treatment at home in Los Angeles after he was hospitalized in January following a night of wild partying.

He has since said he is desperate to get back on set - and bosses of the CBS show are now planning to restart production on February 28, according to the Hollywood Reporter. But the shooting schedule has been pared back - the website reports only four further episodes will be made for the current season instead of the planned eight.

Two and a Half Men

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'Vampire Diaries' 2.16 Preview: The House Guest


Damon mistakes Elena for Katherine after the evil vampire manages to find her way out of the tomb.

"The Vampire Diaries" preview shows that Katherine is out of the tomb. Katherine's mind games are getting on everyone's nerves, but Damon, Stefan and Elena realize that her knowledge of Mystic Falls history will help them stay alive.

Speaking of how the evil vampire manages to escape the tomb, exec producer Julie Plec told Zap2It, "If Katherine has her way, absolutely, she'll be getting out of that tomb. It's all going to come down to how crafty she can be." Nina Dobrev who plays both Elena and Katherine added, "She's plotting her way out. She's a woman who likes to be in control and when she's not, she's not happy."

Also in the episode, frustrated with her relationship with Matt, Caroline finds a new way to get his attention. Alaric makes a surprising confession to Jenna, and Katherine makes a different kind of confession to Damon. Stefan and Bonnie try to convince Jonas and Luka that they should all be working together, but Jonas' lack of trust leads to a violent and fiery confrontation.

"The House Guest" airs February 24 on The CW.

The Vampire Diaries Promo 2x16 - The House Guest [HD]

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Justin Bieber takes tips from the best as he meets the Harlem Globetrotters... but he'll have to grow a few more inches first



Young recruit: Justin Bieber learns a few classic basketball tricks backstage from the famous Harlem Globetrotters on the set of Lopez Tonight on Tuesday

His fame has brought Justin Bieber many advantages - not least a huge fortune and hundreds of thousands of adoring fans.

But the 16-year-old got what must be his best perk of the job yet yesterday as he met the Harlem Globetrotters.

The world-famous basketball team taught the pop star a few tricks as they met backstage at the George Lopez chatshow.

But while Justin seemed to get the hang of spinning a ball on his fingertip, he has a long way to go before he can even think of joining them on the court.

For while the average basketball star is 6ft6, with many tipping 7ft, Justin is a pint-sized 5ft5.

Of course the youngster is still growing, but looks unlikely to reach the heights of professional basketball anytime soon.

City Of Love: Justin received a huge welcome as he arrived for his premiere in Paris tonight

But that shouldn't concern Bieber.

The teen star was tonight in Paris, where he was greeted by crowds of screaming teens delighted to see him.

He tweeted: 'PARIS Premiere of was INSANE!!'

The previous night he was in London where he received an equally huge reception.

The singer arrived in the UK on Monday to attend the BRIT Awards on Tuesday where he was awarded Best International Breakthrough Artist.

Worldwide fame: Justin has sold more than 9million albums

He also received a kiss from fellow pop star Cheryl Cole, whose fame he has more than eclipsed.

Bieber is one of the most Googled people on the planet with more than one billion You Tube views, 6.3 million Twitter followers and 16.5 million friends on Facebook.

He has sold 9 million albums worldwide and performed for President Obama twice en route to starring in his new movie.

Justin Bieber Mood Music On Lopez Tonight.

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Cheryl didn't send the Rolls for you? Derek Hough jets into London... but is forced to catch a black cab to Miss Cole's house




Honey, I'm home: Derek Hough arrives at Cheryl Cole's London house today

With news that Cheryl Cole will be taking her place on the judging panel of US X Factor, her long distance are-they-or-aren't-they relationship with Derek Hough will get a whole lot closer.

Until she makes the move Stateside though, the rumoured couple have to make do with jetting back and forth to spend time together.

Hough arrived in London today and was whisked straight to Cheryl's north London home - but instead of sending her Rolls Royce to fetch Derek in style, the dancer was forced to hail a black cab just like everyone else.

Lukewarm welcome: Despite that Cheryl has a Rolls Royce, the dancer was forced to catch a black cab to her home

Late last year Cheryl treated herself to a £150,000 Rolls Royce Baby Phantom which now chauffeurs her about town on a daily basis.

But neither the 27-year-old - nor her luxury ride - were at Heathrow to greet Derek.

Dressed casually in a blue hoodie jumper and jeans after his flight from Los Angeles, the 25-year-old looked tired but excited as he jumped out of his cab ahead of a reunion with Cheryl.

It has been over a month since the pair saw each other. They spent New Year's together in South Africa before Cheryl returned to the UK.

Reunion: Hough looked tired after his long-haul flight but excited as he arrived at the X Factor judge's north London home

Two weeks later she is rumoured to have held a secret meeting with ex-husband Ashley Cole in their former marital home.

Around the same time Derek is understood to have splashed out on a $650,000 West Hollywood love nest in anticipation of Cheryl's arrival in LA.

Her American X Factor dreams were in doubt for much of last month when it was rumoured that Fox producers of the program were concerned the Parachute singer's popularity wouldn't translate for American audiences.

Stylish ride: Cheryl is chauffeured about town in her Rolls Royce Phantom

But, while an official statement has yet to be made, she is understood to have signed a £10 million deal with the network.

Although boss Simon Cowell was keen to take Cheryl to the States for the show, producers over there had been concerned that not only was she not famous enough in the US, but some viewers might struggle to understand her Newcastle accent.

But after Fox executives were impressed with her style on the British show, Cheryl has apparently been given the opportunity to make a name for herself in the US.

When asked for a comment, Cheryl's spokesperson said: 'There has been no announcement on American X Factor,' adding any reports to suggest she had been formally invited to be a judge as 'speculation'.

Glamour: The 27-year-old wore a daring black gown at Tuesday night's Brit Awards

While a move to the States will undoubtedly be good news for her rumoured romance, Cheryl has remained mum on the status of their relationship.

The Girls Aloud star gushed about Derek during her appearance on Piers Morgan's Life Stories in November.

She said: 'He's an amazing, amazing person... I can never repay him for that (saving my life).

'I am not confirming or denying anything. People can think he's my boyfriend, people can think he's my best friend.'

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Six children: How Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner built a $65m family empire




Matriarch: Kris Jenner's family, including daughters Kourtney, Khloe, Kim, Kendall and Kylie, collectively earned around $65 million last year, according to the Hollywood Reporter

Kim Kardashian and her family made $65 million last year - more than Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Tom Cruise combined - it has emerged today.

The staggering figure was revealed in entertainment bible The Hollywood Reporter.
The family have made millions through hit reality TV shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians and a slew of marketing deals.

Matriarch Kris Jenner is almost entirely responsible for her family's huge business empire - and even wishes she had more children to contribute to the family's earnings.

'My fantasy is to have Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Season 26,' says the 55-year-old mother-of-six.

'Who knew it would be this profitable? I should have had more kids.'

According to the Reporter individual members of the Kardashian clan are lucrative in their own right.

Kim can charge up to $250,000 just to turn up at an event.

Her sisters Khloe and Kourtney can be booked for $25,000 a piece, while their stepfather - former Olympian decathlon - garners up to $10,000.

Kim, 30, can even earn thousands of dollars just by tweeting about a product or an event.

The reality TV star - who has more than 6million Twitter followers - supposedly charges as much as $25,000 to mention and link to a brand or company in a tweet.

The Kardashians' success is staggering, especially as their fame skyrocketed after a sex tape that Kim made with her ex-boyfriend, rapper Ray J, was sold to porn video distributor Vivid Entertainment.

Power player: Kris with her ex husband, the late Robert Kardashian and their daughters Kourtney, Khloe and Kim
Jenner recalls the moment in February 2007 when her daughter told her about the explicit film.

The businesswoman - who acts as her family's manager - says she was already trying to get her family a reality TV show at the time.

'I thought: "Oh well, there goes the reality show,"' Jenner says.

Money spinner: Kim, pictured here at Charlotte Ronson's runway show at New York Fashion Week today, can charge up to $250,000 just to turn up at an event

'But you can either be a problem maker or a problem solver. And I'm a problem solver.
'My job as her mum and manager is to take care of the problem - whatever it is.

'I had to cry and get upset in the privacy of my own room and then come out and help her, because she's my daughter.

'What good is it for me to berate her?'

Jenner - who says she has never seen the tape, Kim Kardashian Superstar - hired a communications expert to help her respond to the scandal.

'I was way out of my league,' she says.

'I would never think I knew enough to care for a situation like that. What's that Kenny Rogers line?

'You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em'.

'All I knew was that I had to make some lemonade out of these lemons fast. Real fast...

'My job was trying to take my kids' 15 minutes and turn it into 30.'

Eventually Vivid had to pay Kim a reported $5 million to sell the tape, which became one of the company's best-selling DVDs in ten years.

Later that year Keeping Up With the Kardashians debuted on the US cable channel E Entertainment.

During its fifth season the show averaged 3.5 million viewers.
In 2009 Kourtney, 31, and Khloe, 26, starred in their own reality show, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

This year Kim and Kourtney launched Kourtney & Kim Take New York, the third offshoot of the Kardashian reality enterprise.

Cashing in: Kris with husband Bruce Jenner, son Rob Kardashian daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney and Scott Disick

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It's grin (and bare it) up north as smiling Corrie star Michelle Keegan braves cold in skimpy off-the-shoulder top




Warm inside: Michelle Keegan was dressed more for a summer's day as she left the Coronation Street studios in Manchester

We're heading for another cold snap and temperatures were down to just one degree above freezing last night in Manchester- but that didn't stop Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan flashing the flesh.

The 23-year-old soap siren was showing off her taut midriff in a casual off-the-shoulder top and low-slung jeans as she left the Corrie studios - but if she was feeling the cold, she wasn't letting on.

The actress beamed for the cameras as she left the Granada set after another busy day shooting scenes for her role as Weatherfield barmaid Tina McIntyre.

Soap beauty: The star still looked stunning in her pale grey off the shoulder crop top and low-slung jeans

Maybe it's love keeping her warm. The star is currently with boyband heartthrob Max George from The Wanted, and certainly seemed to get all she was hoping for this Valetine's Week.

Posting on her official Twitter on the big day herself, she wrote on the big day itself: 'Very lucky lady! :)))))))))))))))))))) XxX' and 'Can not stop smiling!!! :)'

Long distance love: Michelle is looking forward to her boyfriend Max George from The Wanted returning from his band's Far East tour

Max clearly sent the lady in his life something special, as he's currently on tour in the Far East with his band.

They last saw each other in the flesh at the end of January with Michelle mournfully writing just before they parted: 'Today was the start of a very long month!'

The couple only met in early December but have been seen cosying up to each other on various nights out in London and Manchester together.

Loved-up: Michelle and boyfriend Max last saw each other in London last month

However, they pledged to keep their fledging romance alive with lots of chats on Skype, and Michelle has been keeping busy filming her latest Corrie storylines with on-screen love interest Craig Gazey.

The wanted meanwhile return to the UK ready to gear up for their forthcoming UK.
That kicks off on March 28 at the Manchester Apollo.

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Michael Douglas looks better than ever as he joins Catherine Zeta-Jones at Michael Kors' New York Fashion Week show




Survivor: Michael Douglas was the picture of health as he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones arrived at the Lincoln Center for Michael Kors' New York Fashion Week show today

You would never have guessed Michael Douglas had just been battling cancer as he arrived at the Michael Kors fashion show in New York this morning.

The actor, 66, who accompanied his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones to the event, looked the picture of health as the pair arrived at the city's Lincoln Center.

The pair were part of a host of A-list guests in the front row, where they joined Bette Midler, Emma Roberts, Anjelica Houston, Renee Russo and Debra Messing, as well as Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

They made for a patriotic palette together, all in shades of red, white and blue.
Ms Messing, who wore head-to-toe Michael Kors, admitted that he was the only reason she came to Fashion Week.

'I came to fashion week exclusively for Michael Kors,' she said. 'He’s the real deal, he makes me feel confident, strong and effortless.'

The designer, who is celebrating 30 years in the industry this year, won high praise for his collection, which featured flowing shapes in sheer shimmering fabrics.

Chic: The actress, 41, wore a black leather Michael Kors shirt dress with a pristine white coat for the show

Halternecks and thigh-high splits added drama, while the asymmetric neckline continues to transcend seasons.

It was not without his signature tailoring though, in the shape of grey and caramel trouser-suits.

And though his oversized fur coats are unlikely to find fans in animal rights group PETA, Anna Wintour, who was also in the front row, probably loved them.

Read more:
Sweet nothings: The couple, who have been married for 11 years, seemed closer than ever as they whispered to one another during the star-studded Fashion Week event

Bravo! The couple, pictured in the front row next to actress Renee Russo, applaud the designer at the end

Backstage, after the show, the designer said: 'I don’t try to put people in a garment that’s not them.

'Even the models. For this show we matched their outfits to their skin tone. If you’re sporty, wear sporty. I don’t believe in the Cinderella look,' he told the Wall Street Journal.

Ken Downing, fashion director of Neiman Marcus said the label was a consistent favourite wwith his store's shoppers.

Glossy posse: Actresses Emma Roberts and Debra Messing were also among the designer's celebrity guests

Animal magic: Oversized fur coats were unlikely to find fans in PETA on the catwalk at Michael Kors

Sparkling form: Mr Kors won high praise from guests for his sheer, shimmering evening gowns

New York Fashion Week ends tomorrow with shows from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Naeem Khan, who has shot to fame after dressing Michelle Obama.

Mick Jagger's fiancee L'Wren Scoot will aslso be showing her own line, as will Gwen Stefani with her critically-acclaimed label L.A.M.B.

Marchesa, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Oscar de la Renta are all showing later today.

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Vanessa Hudgens goes from Disney princess to goth girl with a dark new makeover... and her first tattoo



New look: High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens looks rather gothic as she attends New York Fashion Week

She became a household name playing angel-faced good girl Gabriella in the High School Musical films.

But with the Disney franchise - and her long-term relationship with co-star Zac Efron - behind her, it appears that Vanessa Hudgens is keen to move on.

The 22-year-old has undergone a startling makeover, stepping out at New York Fashion Week looking more goth girl than teen queen.

Tweet tat: Last night Vanessa got her first tattoo, which friend Ruby Rose promptly tweeted a picture of

And to truly ensure there are no more Disney roles in her future, last night Vanessa decided to get her first tattoo.

The actress got inked by famed tattoo artist Bang Bang, the man responsible for Rihanna's body art, after dinner in Manhattan with Australian music group The Veronicas and their fellow Aussie MTV VJ Ruby Rose.

Her dining companions are all tattoo enthusiasts, and Ruby, 24, admitted on Twitter that she may have had an influence over Miss Hudgens.

Hardly Disney: The 22-year-old rubbed shoulders with Kanye West at the Jeremy Scott show

She wrote: 'Please don't blame me.. But I may have convinced Vanessa Hudgens to get a tattoo... Now. Her first. By bang bang.'

The DJ and model added later: 'Vanessa is deciding between her neck or ribs what do you guys think?'

The former tween queen went through with the inking, acquiring a butterfly on her neck.

She wasn't alone, Jessica Veronica also tweeted: 'Getting my favourite name in the world tattooed.'

Fashion crowd: Vanessa, pictured with socialite Olivia Palermo at the Tibi catwalk show has turned up to no less than eight shows at NY Fashion Week

Earlier in the day Vanessa was spotted arriving at Milk Studios in New York where she sat front row at the Jeremy Scott show alongside Kanye West and Keri Hilson.

Vanessa wore a floor-length velvet coat to the show, which she took off to unveil another velvet dress with cross embellishments from the designer's fall 2010 collection.

She wore a pair of clunky biker boots with a split toe. The unflattering style has been seen on Sarah Jessica Parker before.

Change of image: The former tween queen was staying true to her Disney roots just last week at Disney World, Florida

Meanwhile: Back in LA, her ex Zac Efron is hard at work at the gym

The brunette beauty has been hitting the fashion circuit hard this week, turning up to no less than eight shows.

As well as Jeremy Scott, Vanessa was spotted at Anna Sui and Marchesa, as well as the Yigal Azrouel show, before heading out for dinner with her Australian buddies.
Earlier in the week, she stopped by Marc Jacobs, Diesel Black & Gold, Tibi, and Alice + Olivia.

But Vanessa managed to avoid a run-in with her recent ex, Zac Efron, who attended the Calvin Klein Mens Fall/Winter show with Joe Jonas and Twilight star Kellan Lutz on Sunday.

Break up makeover? The couple split in December after four years of dating

Just last week Vanessa was still holding on to her innocent Disney persona by posing for happy snaps with Disney characters at Disney World in Florida.

But it was a very different story this week, as she went from fresh-faced to dark and mysterious as she rubbed shoulders with the edgy fashion crowd.

Vanessa's sudden style transformation comes after the couple's unexpected break-up in December after four years of dating.

They briefly reconciled in January, but appear to be separated again - for now at least.

Now and then: Vanessa is barely recognisable from the innocent High School Musical character that made her a star

Vanessa recently told Details magazine: ''We're still friends. Who knows what the future will bring. We're figuring things out.'

But Zac, 23, has been linked to Australian actress Teresa Palmer in recent weeks.
The 17 Again star was spotted accompanying Teresa to a screening of her new movie,Take Me Home Tonight, last week.

'There was definitely some hand-holding', a witness told America's People magazine after spotting Zac and Teresa inside the screening's after-party.

'The two ate together and seemed really engaged in conversation. They seemed really into each other, ' the source added.

Vanessa Hudgens at Tibi Collection Fall 2011 (Feb 15)

Everything I own Vanessa Hudgens and I can't go on I'll go on Bandslam

Vanessa Hudgens and Stella visiting the Disney World Resort

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The mother of all comebacks: Celine Dion shows off her four-month-old twins as she gets back to work in Las Vegas




Back to work: Celine Dion arrives at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada; she is holding baby Nelson, her husband Rene Angelil is holding twin brother Eddy and their older son Rene-Charles is front right

With her twin sons less than four months old, Celine Dion could be expected to be relaxing at home enjoying her maternity leave.

But the mother-of-three got back to work today as she arrived in Las Vegas to begin rehearsals for her high-profile three-year residency at Caesars Palace.

Joining her was her family, with the singer and husband and manager Rene Angelil showing off bouncing babies Eddy and Nelson as they received a gala welcome.

'Welcome home': The singer introduced her baby sons at a welcome event to mark her return to residency at Caesars Palace

The boys, wearing matching blue baby grows and white hats, were cradled in their parents arms as they posed on the steps of the casino.

Their big brother, nine-year-old Rene Charles, was also with his family.

French-Canadian star Celine will now begin rehearsals for her new show, set to debut on March 15 at The Colosseum.

Family group: With Celine's residency keeping her in Las Vegas for the next three years, her family has moved to the city

But despite her busy work schedule, Celine is not planning on taking a back seat in raising her sons.

'I am changing diapers and breastfeeding and that's something where no one can take my place,' she told French GALA magazine last month.

'It's tiring but an intense joy,' she said. 'I take things day by day. That's the secret to me. In any case, breastfeeding is more difficult if you are stressed.

Fanfare: French-Canadian star Celine will now begin rehearsals for her new show, set to debut on March 15 at The Colosseum

Warm welcome: Crowds gathered to cheer on Celine

'I didn't have these children to not take care of them, to give myself to them 200 - 300 per cent.'

Celine and her husband fought for years to have a family. The singer underwent IVF to conceive her first son, then a further six failed attempts before finally falling pregnant with triplets.

But one baby did not survive, dying early in pregnancy.

Residency: Celine will be based at Caesars Palace

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Check out the second half of “DANSO Koshien” on ‘AKBINGO!’


Last week, tokyohive reported on the first half of “DANSO Koshien” for “AKBINGO!“, in which the AKB48 members transformed into hot guys. The second half of “DANSO Koshien” was broadcasted today (February 16th), and this time, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui, Sashihara Rino, and Kojima Haruna stepped up to show off their charms as men.

Check out the videos below, and let us know which ‘guy’ was your favorite!

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What are the five hidden fairy tales in IU’s “Cruel Fairy Tale”?


The hidden story behind IU’s “Cruel Fairy Tale,” a track included in her latest mini plus album release, has been catching the attention of both the press and fans.

Songwriter Kim Eana teased on her Twitter, “In the lyrics, there are five hidden fairy tales!”

Once she was bombarded with questions on what those five were, she replied, “Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, and the Little Mermaid. All of you, please have fun guessing the remaining one.”

She hinted, “‘By stepping on the tears I shed one by one’ means ‘Please come to find me, as I’ve left prints of my tears around.’ This is referring to Hansel and Gretel, when they leave bread crumbs to find their way back.”

The rest were up for the netizens to find, and some have speculated that the lyric, “And when the clock rings 12, I’ll awake from my dreams. Amidst the blessings of others, we will be dancing together“, to be in reference to Cinderella.

Netizens commented, “The idea is wonderful and very amazing,” “How can such beautiful lyrics be made out of fairy tales,” and “It fits so well with the song’s atmosphere.”

Look for the fairy tales!

LYRICS: Cruel Fairy Tale

When this night passes
You will come to wake me
By stepping on the tears I shed one by one

When that door opens
The light will reach me
And forever after
I will live happily

When the clock rings 12
I’ll awake from my dreams
And amidst the blessings of others
We will be dancing together

I breathe (You will never know)
I am alive (Everyone fails to love)
I can believe in at least that truth

Nothing lasts forever, nothing really matters

Maybe because the road that leads to me is perilous
You are lost
But one day, I will be smiling
as I fall asleep in your arms

I cannot go (I will never know)
In case you cannot find me (Everyone tells me so)
In case this wait bursts like a bubble

source: dailymail