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Bieber fever reaches London as screaming fans greet the teen sensation at European premiere of his movie Never Say Never


Hello, England! Justin Bieber poses for the cameras as hundreds of fans gather beneath him at the European premiere of his film Never Say Never at the O2 Arena in London

After being lucky enough to get a kiss from Cheryl Cole at the BRIT Awards last night, it would appear that Justin Bieber is a hit with many more English ladies.

The teen sensation was greeted by hundreds of screaming fans as he arrived at the O2 Cineworld in London tonight for the European premiere of his film Never Say Never.

And the crowds just got bigger and bigger, not only in an attempt to catch a glimpse of their heartthrob, but also to try and be lucky enough to land themselves a free ticket.

And the 16-year-old pop star seemed delighted to see his fanbase below him as he surveyed the crowd from a balcony above them.

And Justin sent them into ecstasy as he blew kisses to them from his podium and then went down to sign autographs and pose for pictures with them.

The singer arrived in the UK on Monday to attend the BRIT Awards last night where he was awarded Best International Breakthrough Artist.

We love you Justin! Hundreds of girls scream for their heartthrob as they converged on the O2 hoping to be lucky enough to get a free ticket

Are you all here to see little me? Justin surveys his fans before blowing them a kiss

But tonight was all about the baby-faced Canadian and his film, a 3D documentary following his meteoric rise to fame including tour footage from around the world.

The film also shows footage of Justin when he was a baby and a toddler and also stars Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Snoop Dogg, Sean Kingston and Bieber's friend and mentor Usher.

Bieber cam: The pop star went behind the lens for once and filmed his fans while giving them a peace sign

Calm down, girls! Justin looks overwhelmed by the throng of fans as they try and grab their idol as he went out to sign autographs

Tonight, Jessie J, Alesha Dixon and Craig David were among the stars attending the premiere, where Justin was giving his loyal British fans the chance to join the audience for the film, which is released in the UK this Friday.

A few hours a go, he took to his Twitter page to announce: 'UK fans!!! heads up...rumors are true...the team will be giving out tickets to random fans at the O2 today for the #NSN3D premiere 2nite!'

He then reassured them: 'you dont need any wristbands....just be at the O2 and u might get a ticket. gotta give back. Thanks!'

We want a ticket! Bieber fans show their love as they scream and sing his songs

Gimme a 'J': Fans take pictures as they lean over the barrier and the poster from the film

Some fans had camped out overnight to ensure they got prime spots at the front of the crowd to see him walk up the red carpet - which was, of course, in fact purple - while others began queuing at 8am outside just to get in.

Among the keenest to see the cherubic pop star were Becky Fuller, 13, and her friend Shelby Poll, 12, who had each written his initals in red on their left cheek and were accompanied by Becky's mother Dana, 45.

Clutching a copy of Bieber's book 'First Step 2 Forever', Becky said: 'We love him because he's such an inspiration - he shows that you can come from nowhere and do something. Plus he's cute.'

Bieber's Big Brother: Contestants from the former C4 show Mario Marconi and his partner Lisa Appleton and their daughter Olivia looked delighted to be there

Perhaps mindful of Bieber's estimated earings of $100m since he released his debut album My World a year ago, Becky's mother chipped in: 'He's a good role model - and would make a good son-in-law.'

Emma Head, 31, arrived at the cinema with her 13 year old nieces Shauna and Victoria from Luton at 11am on Tuesday, a full 30 hours ahead of Bieber's arrival, and camped out overnight.

The girls draped a sign over the front security barrier declaring their dedication.

It read: 'Camping gear £50. Train fare £30. Sleeping out all night on the street. Justin Bieber = priceless.'

Ooh, nachos! Justin Bieber helps himself to a snack before heading inside to watch his film

This looks delicious: Licking his lips, Justin heads into the screen, nachos and a bright blue drink in his hands

Also among the screaming throng were former Big Brother contestants Mario Marconi and his wife Lisa Appleton who with Mario's daughter Olivia.

The 12 year old, who came down from Liverpool to see her idol, said: 'I like him because he's so talented. A friend first told me about him so I watched one of his videos on You Tube.'

Bieber is already one of the most Googled people on the planet with more than one billion You Tube views, 6.3 million Twitter followers and 16.5 million friends on Facebook. He has sold 9 million albums worldwide and performed for President Obama twice en route to starring in the new movie.

Spare a thought for Ian Smith, 49, a network engineer who was recently made redundant. Not himself a 'Belieber', as some fans call themelves, he was in the thick of the crowd after being asked by his niece to go along and try to get Bieber's autograph for her as she couldn't go because she has flu.

He said: 'The screaming is ear-piercing but I think I've just about got used to it after six hours.'

Celebrity guests: Alesha Dixon, Jessie J and Craig David all attended the premiere

Tomorrow the pop star travels to Paris for a screening of the film and will meet up with Usher there.

This week, Bieber is on the current cover of Rolling Stone magazine where he discusses girls, politics, music, Will Ferrell movies – and sex.

On sex, Bieber - who is reportedly dating fellow teen star Selena Gomez – says: I don't think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them.'

And even shared his potentially controversial views on abortion: 'I really don't believe in abortion. It's like killing a baby?'.

And when asked:'How about in cases of rape? 'Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason.

'I guess I haven't been in that position, so I wouldn't be able to judge that.'

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never Movie Trailer Official (HD)

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