Thursday, February 10, 2011

Do we have to go? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take an unimpressed Suri on a family day out to Science museum




Do we really have to go? Suri Cruise looked reluctant to take a trip to Science World with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Vancouver yesterday

As she got out of the car Suri hid wrapped herself up in her favourite Eliane And Lena fake fur coat and buried her face as if she was ready for bed.

While a trip to the shopping mall might fill the little fashionista with excitement and joy, a trip to a museum doesn’t spark the same enthusiasm from little Suri Cruise.

In fact, as the four-year-old arrived at Science World in Vancouver she appeared tired and reluctant to see the educational exhibits with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Tom, who had taken a break from filming his latest Mission Impossible film held his daughter’s hand as the family made their way into the museum, but by the look on Suri’s face she didn’t seem overly enthusiastic.

Tired? Suri buried her face into her favourite fur coat and looked tired as the family arrived at the museum

The little girl was, as usual, looking adorable in a black skirt, a pair of black pumps and her cosy coat.

She braved the cold with bare legs displaying a cut on her right knee, which had been covered up with a plaster the night before.

Family trip: Tom led Suri into the museum while mum Katie walked closely behind

As the family emerged from the science and technology exhibitions little Suri appeared worn out as she was carried back to the car by Tom.

And the chilly Canadian temperature appeared to have gotten to Suri as she was wrapped up in a pink dressing down as she headed for home.

Katie, was left carrying Suri’s pink teddy bear and appeared in better spirits than at a dinner date the night before.

Tired out: As the family emerged from Science World the trip appeared to have taken its toll on little Suri who was carried out by Tom wrapped in a blanket

Show of unity: Tom and Katie appeared to be in good spirits and were seen smiling together despite rumours circulating that Katie is considering a divorce

The 32-year-old former Dawson's Creek star had looked glum-faced and distant as the family stepped out for Thai food.

When they left, 48-year-old Tom held four-year-old Suri's hand as she skipped out of the door - showing off a huge band-aid on her skinned knee - as Katie followed behind, apparently lost in her thoughts.

The family are in Canada as Tom continues filming Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol -but Katie looked like it was the last place in the world she wanted to be.

Heading home: Katie and Tom made their way back to the car with little Suri curled up in Tom's arms

Grazia is this week reporting that the former Dawson's Creek star is allegedly said to have instructed her lawyer father to draw up divorce papers in the event that she might one day choose to end her marriage.

Martin Holmes is a divorce lawyer with more than 40 years experience in the field, and Katie is said to be keen to explore what her options would be.

Fun day out? Tomkat and Suri headed to Science World in Vancouver with little Suri. Tom had taken a break from filming the latest Mission Impossible film

Katie married Tom in 2006, with many at the time seeing it as a cynical attempt to boosting her career which has flatlined since Dawson's Creek finished in 2003.

But just a day later the family attempted to be putting on a show of unity as Katie kept close to her daughter and husband and the couple shared a smile together.

She even confessed at the time: 'It's not like I have a lot of stuff that's great just waiting for me to sign onto.'

source: dailymail


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