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First look: Trailer for Katie Holmes' controversial Camelot mini-series is finally released



First look: The trailer for The Kennedys was released today starromg Barry Pepper (Bobby Kennedy) Kristin Booth (Ethel Kennedy), Greg Kinnear (John F Kennedy), Katie Holmes (Jackie Kennedy) and Tom Wilkinson (Joe Kennedy)

At one point, it looked like it would never see the light of day in the U.S. after controversially being dropped by The History Channel.

But after being picked up by a new network, The Kennedys, starring Katie Holmes as First Lady Jackie, will air on April 3.

And a new trailer for the eight part TV series was released today, showing her performance for the first time.

The footage shows Holmes, 32, immaculately dressed in a series of period outfits, enjoying days out on the beach with her husband, attending parties, and also sporting in the iconic pink outfit Mrs Kennedy was wearing on the day the President (Greg Kinnear) was shot in Texas.

Elegant: The trailer shows Kinnear making an official speech, while Holmes looks regal in pearls

The series, which is said to have cost $30 million to make, follows the Kennedy dynasty from before JFK took power, to his assassination in Texas in1963.

It also features the President's younger brother Bobby Kennedy (Barry Pepper) who became Attorney General, and their father Joe Kennedy, played by Tom Wilkinson. .related]

The trailer makes a point of showing Joe's ruthless ambitions for his sons, with him telling them: 'It's not what you are. It's what people think you are. And with the right amount of money, you can make them think whatever you want.'

The series also promises 'The true story of an American dynasty.'

Troubled: The series was axed from the History Channel under a cloud of controversy but has since been picked up by The Reelz Channel

The release of the trailer comes following The History Channel's decision to drop the multi-million dollar project, saying it was 'Not a fit for the history brand.'
Showtime and other networks also passed over it, before Reelz stepped in.

There was some debate on the accuracy of the series, with the real-life Kennedy family and associates said to be unhappy, claiming its scripts were inaccurate and overly critical.

Leisure time: The series features the famous couple relaxing on the beach with their children, as well as detailing Kennedy's time in office

Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of JFK and Jackie Kennedy, reportedly led the bid to axe the series.

The move came after a leaked script was described as ‘vindictive’ and ‘malicious’ by former Kennedy aide Theodore Sorensen, although it was later revised and vetted by prominent historians for accuracy.

Canadian media reported at the time that family members were especially upset at the script's portrayal of the former president as a philanderer, and of his father Joe as power hungry.

The series is said to touch on the former president’s infidelities and the strain in his marriage.

But executive producer Michael Prupas insisted that series is ‘meticulously researched’ and historically accurate.

Brotherly love: Barry Pepper plays the younger brother JFK's Bobby Kennedy in the series

Patriarch: Tom Wilkinson stars as the late President's ambitious father Joe Kennedy

Toast of the town: The series will show John F Kennedy before he took office, up until his assassination in 1963
‘It's the truth,’ he said. ‘The goal of the script from the very beginning was to tell the family story of the Kennedys.

'There's much written evidence of what went on in that family. They truly were a great family that has a Shakespearian story arc that resulted in many tragedies and many great successes.

‘It is a positive reflection – but we have shown the flaws,’ he added. ‘It is blatantly obvious from many public sources that the family had certain flaws and certain problems. We weren't inventing the wheel.'

Maria Shriver, wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger and daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, is also said to have voiced her displeasure to company executives.

Katie Holmes, a lifelong fan of Jackie Kennedy, was said to have been particularly upset over the controversy.

Lady in mourning: Jackie Kennedy is seen visiting her husband in the morgue after his shock assassination

However, Reelz, a digital cable network are confident the series will be a hit when it airs in April.

'We don’t enjoy controversy or want to pick a fight, but the history is the history,' network CEO Stan E. Hubbard told People. 'When you watch this, there are incredible successes and unbelievable tragedies.

'The family stays together and they're loyal to each other and to the country throughout the highest highs and the lowest lows.

'The cast put their heart and soul into this, and with great care to accuracy of circumstances and visuals,' he added. 'We're so thrilled and proud of being able to step up and help this story be told that they so carefully created.'

Sad end: The series features the President's funeral with Bobby Kennedy and Jackie in mourning

The Kennedys - Trailer (8-Part Movie Event)

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