Friday, February 11, 2011

First teaser for upcoming horror movie “Tomie Unlimited” is out

The upcoming horror movie “Tomie Unlimited” which is the 8th in the Tomie series has recently released its first teaser. The Tomie series is based on the mystery horror manga written by Ito Junji, and the series have resulted many previously unknown actresses to become popular.

For the latest series, Arai Moe will play the main character, Tsukiko, while Nakamura Miu will take the role of Tomie. AKB48 member, Ohta Aika will also make appearance as a friend of Tsukiko.

The Tomie series has a different story setting for each movie, and for this latest series, Tomie and Tsukiko are set as sisters. The story will revolve around Tomie as she keeps reviving from death.

Although the movie itself is released with an age restriction of 15 or older to view, the trailer can be watched without any restriction. ”Tomie Unlimited” is scheduled to be released on May 14th.

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