Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Isla is fishing for a compliment in very short blue dress at premiere of new movie Rango




Legs on show: Isla Fisher wore a revealing blue dress to the premiere of her new animated movie Rango in Los Angeles last night

Isla voices the character of Beans in the animated film alongside Johnny Depp, who takes on the title role of Rango, a common chameleon.

Other stars who have leant their vocal chords to the flick include Bill Nighy and Ray Winstone.

In the film, Rango finds himself in an Old Western town called dirt having previously been a pet living in a terrarium.

Double act: The actress voices the role of a desert iguana alongside Johnny Depp, who lends his vocal chords to the title role

Rango establishes himself as the lawman, strolling the streets as a sheriff-like character.

But he soon finds out that the 'good guy' does not prosper in Dirt after discovering a cemetery filled with 'good guy' tombstones.

Isla rose to fame in the Nineties in the Australian soap Home And Away.

I'm Rango: Depp poses alongside the character he voices, a common chameleon

She is now married to British actor Sacha Baron Cohen and converted to Judaism to marry him last year.

The couple have two children together, a three-year-old daughter called Olive and another child, who was born in the summer of last year.

The private couple, however, did not announce the name or sex of their latest baby.

VIPs: Teen actress Stefanie Scott and, right, Abigail Breslin who also lent her voice to the movie

Johnny Depp greets fans at Rango in LA.

Rango Premiere

Rango "HD Movie Trailer"

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