Thursday, February 10, 2011

Justin Bieber's character comes to a tragic end in new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation



Hands up: Justin Bieber's character runs into all sorts of trouble in an upcoming episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that will air on February 17

Don't look now girls, but the cult of Justin Bieber is about to end.

Luckily it is just fictional, with the teen's character on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation being killed off in the show.

The teenager has revealed that his character will be murdered in the next episode of Season 11, set to air in the U.S. on February 17.

'Yeah, I get killed in the episode. I definitely get murdered,' he confirmed to MTV this week.

Justin plays Jason McCann, a member of an anti-government family whose foster father is in jail and whose brother is seeking revenge against the police.

Arresting: Justin was excited about his appearance on the hit crime series and said getting shot was 'cool'

The Canadian appeared in the very first episode of the season, but his character's storyline had not yet been concluded.

Speaking out about the much-anticipated episode, Bieber said he was excited about the fake death and even went so far as to say that getting shot by fake bullets was 'cool'.

'It was really cool because I actually—I get shot, like several times,' he said.

Budding actor: The 16 year old has not only hit the small screens, but also the silver screens with his new movie Never say Never

'I fall down and there's fake blood and everything. It's crazy how the whole process is.'

In films stills from the show, it is evident that Bieber's character runs into disaster early.

With bruises around his eyes, in one scene the 16-year-old is forced to hold his hands up as he is surrounded by multiple policemen pointing their guns at him.
Ironically, he did run into trouble on-set of the very episode and was rushed to hospital.

The teen developed breathing problems whilst shooting the scenes back in mid-January.
At the time, his rep confirmed that he suffered an allergic reaction and needed treatment.

He was taken to the Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.
After the hospital visit, he returned to set the next day.

'He is fine' Bieber’s rep said. 'He had a mild allergic reaction while they were wrapping up last night on the set of CSI.

'His doctor met him at the hospital to make sure everything was OK.
'He was released within the hour after his doctor declared him fine. He is back on set working today. All is well.'

The Canadian star has not only hit the small screens, but recently the silver screens, with his new movie Never say Never out in the US this weekend.

The film, which follows the teen star on his 2010 concert tour and features appearances by Usher, Miley Cyrus, Boys II Men, Sean Kingston and Jaden Smith will be released in the UK on February 18.

It is released in conjunction with his autobiography which is already available in store titled Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever.

"Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" Teaser

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