Thursday, February 3, 2011

That's a wrap! Dannii and Kris finally get some alone time after her week of shooting... but she's got baby Ethan on her mind




Alone time: Kris looked thrilled to finally get his girlfriend to himself after her busy working week

Dannii Minogue has spent the past week posing on boats and beaches, attending faux weddings and night-time parties - all while modelling the latest Marks & Spencer wear.

Meanwhile her boyfriend Kris Smith has been keeping himself busy while she is at work, tearing up the golf course, shopping and catching up on movies in his hotel room, according to his continuous Twitter updates.

The couple finally managed to find some time for a romantic stroll and browse around the shops yesterday, before flying out of the U.S. bound for home.

Not far from her mind: Dannii wore an 'E' pendant for her baby son Ethan

But after a week spent away from her six-month-old son Ethan, who is being cared for by her family back in Melbourne, Dannii couldn't resist adding a tribute to her son, wearing a gold chain with an 'E' pendant around her neck.

Dannii hid her tired eyes after a late night photo shoot beneath a trilby hat and sunglasses.

The 39-year-old was casual in preparation for their long-haul flight later that day in a pair of comfortable white trousers, a burnt orange vest and cardigan and trainers.

Kris towered over his diminutive girlfriend as the strolled hand-in-hand down the Miami street, stopping occasionally to browse and possibly to buy some souvenirs for Ethan.

The 32-year-old model was sporty in an Adidas vest and basketball shorts, with a Nike cap and flip flops.

Clearly thrilled to finally get his girlfriend all to himself, Kris happily grasped her hand and pulled Dannii in for a kiss.

The odd couple: Diminutive Dannii Minogue and her tall boyfriend Kris Smith found time for a romantic stroll together after her M&S shoot wrapped

Before venturing out for their last-minute shopping trip, the couple enjoyed a leisurely brunch al fresco on a balcony at their Miami hotel.

The X Factor judge has been hard at work with her fellow M&S models all week, and last night their final shoot lasted well into the early hours of the morning.

She posted a photo of herself against a backdrop of a lit-up pool party scene, writing: 'Let the night shoot begin.'

Home to Ethan: The parents looked excited as they jetted out of Miami back to Australia

So how was your week? The couple caught up on the week's events after spending much of the trip apart

She later tweeted about the M&S team fuelling up on late-night Cuban coffee.

The couple have resorted to corresponding via Twitter this week as Dannii spent long days on photo shoots.

Kris responded to her picture of the night shoot: 'Wow. Looks Unreal!'
While Dannii asked him in return, 'How was golf?'

Hard at work: Dannii has been busy working on the M&S campaign all week

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