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Why so glum? Katie Holmes looks sad and distant from husband Tom Cruise on night out with daughter Suri




Glum: Katie Holmes looking pensive as she dined at a Thai restaurant in Vancouver last night with husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri

The rumours have been rumbled for months now and Katie Holmes did little to dispel the mutterings that her marriage is in trouble when she was out with husband Tom Cruise and adorable daughter Suri last night.

The 32-year-old former Dawson's Creek star looked glum-faced and distant as the family stepped out for Thai food in Vancouver, Canada.

When they left, 48-year-old Tom held four-year-old Suri's hand as she skipped out of the door - showing off a huge band-aid on her skinned knee - as Katie followed behind, apparently lost in her thoughts.

Keeping mum: Katie hasn't commented on the rumours about her marriage top Tom being in trouble

Unamused: The former Dawson's Creek star is allegedly said to have instructed her lawyer father to draw up divorce papers

The family are in Canada as Tom continues filming Mission Impossible: The Ghost Protocol - but Katie looked like it was the last place in the world she wanted to be.

Grazia is this week reporting that the former Dawson's Creek star is allegedly said to have instructed her lawyer father to draw up divorce papers in the event that she might one day choose to end her marriage.

Martin Holmes is a divorce lawyer with more than 40 years experience in the field, and Katie is said to be keen to explore what her options would be.

Katie married Tom in 2006, with many at the time seeing it as a cynical attempt to boosting her career which has flatlined since Dawson's Creek finished in 2003.

She even confessed at the time: 'It's not like I have a lot of stuff that's great just waiting for me to sign onto.'

Family: Katie lagged behind her husband and daughter as Suri strode out for home

Band-aid: Little Suri - though in sensible sneakers for once rather than heels - was sporting her favourite fake fur coat and a grazed knee

But since then, Katie's acting roles haven't exactly ramped up - her TV mini series The Kennedys was axed before it even hit the screen and she hasn't had a cinema hit in years.

Not only that, but people actually walked out during a screening at Sundance Film Festival last month of her latest film, The Son Of No-one, which she stars in alongside Channing Tatum, Juliette Binoche and Al Pacino.

The once fresh-faced beauty also appears to be increasingly tired, washed-out and without a hint of Hollywood sparkle, often wearing dowdy and drab outfits.

Heat reported this week that Katie and Tom allegedly had a furious phone row when The Kennedys was dropped.

Unhappy? Katie is said to be increasingly unhappy about her career - with rumours suggesting her marriage is in trouble too

The magazine quotes a source as saying: 'She told him her career haas gone down the toilet, and people only care about her because she's married to Tom Cruise.

'She's sick of them being known as TomKat. She seems to have changed sinc getting together with Tom and joining [the Church of] Scientology. She doesn't seem to have the love of life she once did.'

Dowdy: Katie's outfit of unflattering cardigan, trousers and boots earlier this week was far removed from her usual stylish chic

The pictures of the family's meal last night also poses another question - is little Suri still drinking from a bottle?

A baby's bottle with a teat was in clear view on the table - but mothers are advised that children shouldn't use them to drink from after they've reached 12 months old.
Katie has previously demonstrated her unusual motherhood techniques in contrast by letting Suri wear shoes with a heel, which many people argue she's far too young to wear.

Katie's new work project meanwhile is Jack And Jill with the usually box office-friendly Adam Sandler, which she'll be hoping will be a hit.
It's due out in December.

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